[BLOG] The Good, The Bad, and the Beauty

What’s up World?

I know I usually do these at the end of each year, but I decided to drop one here because I’ve been so busy and haven’t really been communicating via social networks (and barely in real life to be honest).

Let’s start this like most journals, shall we?

Feeling: Tired, but content

Listening to: Can’t say that! *Seals lips*

Now let’s start with my EP ‘Superman On Weekends’. Thank you guys for all the support on that project. That EP is truly a rose in the concrete that my life had become at the time I was putting it together. More like a rose in the eye of a hurricane, but you get my drift. However, negative thoughts aside, it was awesome. Let me remind everyone, the project was ALL ME. Aka all my lyrics, mixing and editing, promoting, and advertising. I really take ‘indy artist’ to another level, at least some people have a team with them. I wasn’t completely alone though, I had great friends and fans (you guys of course!) to help me through the process.


Summer Goodbyes was a great project to me but I do want to apologize for the delays and lack of promotion. Rushed work equals rushed results. After putting out the EP, I was out of resources to create more music videos and was trying to find work (as you saw on the episode which you can still watch) so I wasn’t able to come up with a stronger concept/plan to run with. That and I had like two weeks! The idea was great, I thought it would be a much deserved gift for you guys (for most I know it was) but it could have executed better. Not one to make excuses but boy was I stressed! Everything I said about the job was 100% true and even a couple of days ago there was another issue with that ‘summer’ job that came back to haunt me! I am so glad I’m out of that situation because it was crazy insane. I have been blessed with other opportunities that I’m extremely happy about, God is always good to me. I will say that I have been in the planning stages of upcoming projects, some sooner than you think ;).


That leads us to now, what’s the Yung Superman working on currently? I can’t say anything yet but I AM working on a couple of cool things. Between my busy schedule I’m trying to get my name out there, performing in the city and linking up with @MMXproductions to expand my radius. That’s the first step. I’m also trying to get on television more (I was recently on Omni Television’s V-MIX freestyling) because I’ve always had fun in front of the camera and enjoyed seeing the positivity that exposure got. In the coming months, I’ll hopefully be able to get some surprises out there, but don’t expect anything huge just yet! The best things take time, and I’m going to put time and effort into my upcoming projects. Just know that they are going to be huge if everything goes right. I put my all into this music biz, every single time. I want to say more but I have to hold it in till it is set in stone.


Check out my latest EP here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6ks0me24sr8ioq9/Superman+On+Weekends+EP.zip

Follow me on twitter/instagram here: @ThisIsAlizeS

Also follow MMXProductions: @MMXProductions

Website: www.alizesmusic.wix.com/thisisalizes

Check me out VMIX here: http://video.citytv.com/video/detail/2739983858001.000000/fusion-femme-fatales/omni/

I’ll see y’all soon! Trust me, I’m never down and out!

-The Yung Superman, Alize.S


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